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  • Welcome to California Law

    For those of you who believe California is not the most business friendly state in the union, here is a bit of good news which you may not be aware of. Assembly Bill 571 (“AB 571”), sponsored by the Corporations Committee of the State Bar of California, became effective as of January 1, 2012. AB 571 streamlines and simplifies the legal requirements governing distributions to shareholders by a California corporation in a manner that is […]

  • Transactional attorneys

    Transactional attorneys are especially known for bickering over words or even punctuation when negotiating agreements — “Commercially reasonable efforts” versus “reasonable best efforts” or adding the phrase “not to be unreasonably withheld” after a provision requiring written consent of another party. Often times, there is case law in support of why one provision is more advantageous over another for the client, and other times, attorneys insist on certain language simply because they learned it from […]

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