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  • Acquisitions are often risky and stressful for companies, especially small companies. There are a lot of steps involved and companies should never attempt to conduct an acquisition without consulting with an experienced Mergers and Acquisitions attorney in Los Angeles. What’s Involved in an Acquisition? In basic terms, an acquisition is when one company purchases all (or substantial amount) of another company’s stock in order to gain control or substantially all of the assets of another […]

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    Earlier this year, several significant amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law (the DGCL) were approved. These amendments went into effect on August 1, 2014, as described below. In addition to certain clarifying or procedural general amendments, the main substantive amendments are: Short Form Mergers – Section 251(h) Section 251(h) of the DGCL was enacted in August 2013 to simplify and accelerate the two-step merger process.  Section 251(h) currently provides that, if certain requirements are […]

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