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Angel Capital, Venture Capital & Investor Representation

Having represented many start-ups, as well as investors and venture capital firms, we are intimately familiar with all variations of venture deals, and are adept at creating new structures to facilitate early stage financing for new companies. Our deep relations in the field allow us to introduce our early stage companies to alternative financing sources and at the same time introduce our investor clients to new investment opportunities.

Some of the services we provide to our angel, venture and other investor clients:

  • Identification and due diligence of potential investments
  • Structuring and negotiation of investment documents
  • Advice on fund matters and investor relations
  • Management incentive and equity plans
  • Board and governance matters
  • Ongoing day-to-day representation of portfolio companies

Asset Protection and Estate Planning

For Estate, Estate Settlement, Integrated Tax, Business, and Asset Protection planning as well as Family Alignment Counseling, we often work with the team at Strazzeri Mancini LLP. Strazzeri Mancini helps affluent families get to the heart of highly relevant matters and resolve messes in the areas of integrated tax and estate planning, business succession, asset protection, and family governance counseling. Please contact us at (310) 993-2203 to arrange for a direct meeting with appropriate counsel for any estate planning and asset protection needs.

Commercial Transactions and Contracts

Most parties to commercial contracts are not aware of the fact that the outcome of a majority of contract disputes is hinged on the so called “boiler-plate” provisions which are often overlooked at the end of an agreement. That is where experience truly matters. All of our attorneys have served as in-house counsel and have significant experience in crafting commercial arrangements that not only protect our clients, but also facilitate the practical operation of their businesses.

Our attorneys have prepared and negotiated many types of commercial arrangements for many different industry segments, including:

  • Consulting and service arrangements
  • Distribution and supply agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Manufacturing and equipment leasing agreements
  • OEM and manufacturing agreements
  • Real estate lease agreements
  • Technology and intellectual property licensing

Employment and Executive Representation

Afshin Hakim, the managing partner of HLG, started his career as an employment litigator at O’Melveny & Myers, LLP. Having successfully defended many lawsuits against his clients, Mr. Hakim provides a good deal of preventative counseling to our clients, helping to ensure that employee issues are handled in a manner that promotes good relations and limits liability exposure. Mr. Hakim also advises clients on employee termination and separation matters, wage and hour issues, and other matters of concern to employers. HLG regularly prepares employment agreements, as well as compensation plans, including stock option and other equity plans.

HLG also provides strategic counsel to business executives in all phases of their relationships with employers, from the initial executive employment to a potential separate and release agreement.

Entertainment & Media

HLG has represented a number of clients through various investments, joint ventures, and acquisitions in the areas of film, publishing, fashion and media. We advise and guide our entertainment and media clients in all aspects of their business transactions.

Early Stage Companies

HLG specializes in representing early stage companies – from that initial idea written on the back of napkin, through their initial seed funding, expansion and ultimately, a liquidity event. We represent growing companies across a wide spectrum of industries, social media, ecommerce, software, and other technologies. We often serve as regular corporate counsel or outside general counsel to our clients. The experience of representing publicly traded companies provides valuable insight for those earlier transactions that our clients face in their path to success.

We help our entrepreneurial clients with all of their day-to-day corporate law needs, including:

  • Commercial contracts and transactions of all types
  • Corporate governance and board matters
  • Employment matters
  • Intellectual property protection and commercialization
  • Lending transactions
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Private placement memorandums (PPMs)
  • Real estate and equipment leases
  • Securities law issues and compliance
  • Stock option and other equity compensation plans
  • Strategic alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing
  • Venture capital, angel and private equity financing

Intellectual Property Law

Every business has intellectual property (IP)! Whether you are in the restaurant business or aerospace manufacturing, the products and services you deliver are inherently born of innovation. Every company needs a competitive edge, and it is through the identification and protection of IP assets that help you succeed in the market.

Our IP attorneys and registered USPTO Patent Attorneys are trained in identifying and protecting important innovations within your company to help you leverage them in the marketplace. We stand ready to help enforce your IP rights once they are granted and help you avoid infringement of other’s IP as well.

Hakim Law Group’s IP team is experienced in handling the following matters in IP:

  • Patent Eligibility Opinions
  • Patentability Search and Opinions
  • Provisional and Non provisional Patent Application
  • Patent Office Action Responses
  • Petitions and Appeals
  • Infringement Opinions
  • Trademark Registrability Opinions
  • Trademark Applications
  • Trademark Office Action Responses
  • Copyright Applications & Infringement Opinions
  • Trade Secret Identification & Missapropriation Opinions


HLG represents both lenders and borrowers in a variety of financing transactions, including real estate lending, acquisition finance, senior and mezzanine debt, venture lending, factors and asset based lending, and other financings. We represent our clients from the term sheet stage, followed by commitment letter, formal documentation and closing. Beyond advising our clients on the many legal issues involved in a lending transaction, we aim to provide sound business advice to best position them in the lending process.

General Counsel Services

As an entrepreneurial firm, we have the advantage of being nimble and able to satisfy and meet our clients’ expectations in an expeditious and efficient manner. We have the capability of handling all of a company’s day-to-day legal matters or taking on discrete projects. At the end of the day, our experience always provides added value to the task at hand.

Licensing & Technology Transactions

The ability to commercialize their intellectual property assets can be crucial to many companies. From advising and structuring a technology acquisition to negotiating joint ventures, strategic alliances and creative partnerships, we enable our clients to enhance, market and monetize their valuable intellectual property. We also prepare license agreements for intellectual property of all types, from software to patents to trademarks.

Mergers & Acquisitions

When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, HLG’s expertise and experience always has a strong impact benefitting our clients. We know the players, the process, and the game. Rather than churn out long-winded diligence memos, we tailor our representation to focus on the material business and legal risks faced in the transaction. We believe that it’s most important to represent our clients in all phases of the M & A process — from letters of intent, due diligence, and negotiating and drafting transaction documents, to planning and implementing post-closing integration activities. HLG represent buyers and sellers from many industry segments and in all sizes – from a small private company sale to private equity transactions in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Real Estate

HLG attorneys have represented residential and commercial developers, commercial landlords and tenants, borrowers and lenders and real estate investors in developing, buying, financing, selling and leasing real property. Our experience, pragmatic approach and creativity have helped bring numerous real estate deals to a successful close. Our experience includes the purchase and sale of raw land, industrial, office, retail and hotel properties, and residential apartment buildings.

Securities Offerings and Corporate Compliance

Federal and state securities laws are constantly in flux, especially in light of the Jobs Act and crowd funding related laws and regulations. This is a critical area of the law that may have severe consequences on companies if not adhered to properly. We regularly advise clients on the responsibilities of corporations, management, boards of directors and their special committees under federal and state securities laws and general corporate laws.

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