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  • Business Contract Lawyer in Los Angeles

    Every day, there are negotiations that result in business contracts being formed and subsequent actions wheresuch contracts are breached. If you encounter the latter situation, what should you do and what legal rights do you have? Most entrepreneurs and businesses have a reasonable expectation that the other partyengaged in a business contract will fulfill its contractual obligations.Unfortunately, this does not always happen. What Exactly is a Breach of Contract? A breach of contract occurs when […]

  • Contract attorney in Los Angeles

    If you are looking to lease commercial property in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California, it is important to enter this process with a strong understanding of your rights and what information must be disclosed to you pursuant to state law. In California, the laws related to property disclosures vary widely depending upon the type of property  and whether the transaction involves a property owner leasing or selling the property. Asbestos Report If you are […]

  • In March 2019, music publishing giant EMI filed a breach of contract suit against hip-hop megastar Kanye West. The suit was a response to a claim made by West in a California courtroom that the contract amounted to “servitude” since it violated California’slaw that limits personal services to “no more than seven years.” Unfortunately for West, the details of the contract specify that everything related to their professional agreement be governed exclusively by New York […]

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