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    If you own a business, it is extremely important to understand and embrace the key elements of a legally valid, and enforceable, contract. The information below summarizes the five key components that virtually every contract should have for your business to operate successfully. No. 1 –Written Agreement Between All Parties Arguably the most important component to any business contract is that the agreement and terms between the parties are in writing. Please understand that a […]

  • Contracts are essential in the business world.  Enforceable contractual agreements will hold companies or individuals legally accountable for promises to perform certain actions or payment obligations.  At the same time, mistakes can be made in preparing and executing contractual agreements.  This can result in the contract, or portions thereof, being held unenforceable, or it could lead to your business being required to do something against your intentions. Invalid Contract A contract can be deemed unenforceable […]

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