Corporate & Securities Law in California
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Preparing for a major day in court requires a deep understanding of all current laws and statutes. In California, where laws can shift not only through the legislature but through voter-created propositions, it is extremely difficult to stay on top of current guidelines. For example, were you aware that changes have been made to California’s anti-securities fraud statute several times since it was established?

The original California Securities Law passed in 1968, establishing guidelines for the offer and sale of securities in California. Since that time, the law has been frequently updated as a reaction to previous cases or with thought to future cases. For instance, in 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed new legislation overhauling the anti-fraud section of the original California Securities Law of 1968, making it harder for plaintiffs to sustain lawsuits centered on securities fraud.

So what does this mean for you? It means that in the state of California, the law is always shifting. This is one of the prime reasons it is critical to work with a corporate lawyer in Los Angeles before venturing into a trial environment. An established, reputable corporate lawyer can help you interpret the various amendments that have been passed regarding laws like the California Securities Law of 1968, and can alert you to any updates to the law that might hinder or help your case. In the courtroom, knowledge is power.

Many of the changes made to laws like the California Securities Law of 1968 are made to keep the law in line with changes made to similar guidelines at the federal level. An experienced corporate lawyer is your ally in navigating these laws and ensuring your business stays in line with all existing regulations.

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