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  • Business Contract Lawyer in Los Angeles

    Every day, there are negotiations that result in business contracts being formed and subsequent actions wheresuch contracts are breached. If you encounter the latter situation, what should you do and what legal rights do you have? Most entrepreneurs and businesses have a reasonable expectation that the other partyengaged in a business contract will fulfill its contractual obligations.Unfortunately, this does not always happen. What Exactly is a Breach of Contract? A breach of contract occurs when […]

  • Business Contract Lawyer in Los Angeles

    The Coronavirus pandemic has created chaos and uncertainty for businesses in Los Angeles and across the globe. Many business owners are trying to navigate their way through these challenging circumstances while other business owners have made the difficult decision to close their businesses. The ramifications of this pandemic are far-reaching, including putting many business owners into the unfortunate position of deciding whether to breach a contract or be on the other side of a breached […]

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