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Despite contracts and business agreements being a pillar of economic activity in Los Angeles and elsewhere throughout California and the rest of the country, it is fairly common for business owners and managers to make glaring mistakes when drafting, considering, or approving a business contract. The result? Serious legal and financial ramifications that could effectively ruin the business.

Below are three mistakes routinely committed by business owners and managers when creating a business contract and advice on how to prevent such oversights.

  1. Relying on Cookie Cutter Contract Forms

    Relying on a cookie cutter business contract you found online is a recipe for disaster. Why? Because business contracts need to be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of your venture or situation. In addition, a business contract needs to adhere to the rules and regulations of your respective locality. State laws are not uniform and actually vary quite dramatically from state to state. Customizing a business contract is extremely important to ensure it is valid and will hold up in court in your respective jurisdiction.

  2. Failing to Include the Recitals

    You may be asking yourself, “what are recitals?” Well, legally speaking, it is a preamble to a contractual agreement. The recitals provide a general overview of the following:

    • Who the parties are;
    • What the contract is about; and
    • why the parties are signing the contract.

    Often overlooked during the contract drafting and negotiation phases, when a dispute arises over contractual interpretation, the court or arbitrator may use the recitals as an aid to interpret the contract.

    An important tip is to ensure you invest the time to focus on the operative provisions of the commercial contract, but do not forget to set the scene and provide the reader of the contract with background information.

  3. Using Clauses Improperly or Incorrectly
    Many people, including business owners, often overlook or outright ignore so-called“boilerplate” language (i.e., generic, fairly standard contractual provisions) contained within a business contract. This is a big mistake because ignoring the boilerplate provisions can really be problematic when a dispute arises. These include governing law and venue, arbitration provisions, how the contract can be amended, and whether a prevailing party should be entitled to attorneys’ fee in the event of dispute.

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