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At Hakim Law Group, we provide corporate legal services tailored to entrepreneurs- from beginning to success. We understand that experience matters, and we pride ourselves on the experience and value that we bring to our clients. With many years of experience at law firms and in-house, we bring a new perspective and sophisticated approach to a variety of practice areas.

Representation for Angel Capital, Venture Capital & Investment

Our business attorneys have represented many start-ups, investors, and venture capital firms. We are experienced in guiding venture deals and creating beneficial structures for financing early-stage companies.

We frequently provide the following services:

  • Day-to-day representation of portfolio companies
  • Guidance on board and governance matters
  • Structuring of management incentive and equity plans
  • Advice on fund matters and investor relations
  • Identification and due diligence of potential investments and creation of investment documents

Contract Drafting and Negotiation

Commercial contracts can be lengthy, complex, and have a major impact in the event of a dispute. Most contract disputes hinge on so-called “boilerplate language,” which, without the review and advice of an experienced business attorney, can slip through the cracks.

HLG attorneys have drafted and negotiated many types of complex commercial agreements for many different types of clients, including:

  • Service and consulting agreements
  • Distribution and supply agreements
  • Manufacturing and leasing agreements
  • Real estate agreements
  • Technology and intellectual property development and licensing agreements
  • Employment agreements

Entertainment and Media Law

We’ve represented many clients in the areas of film, publishing, fashion, and media. Our attorneys are familiar with the players and how the industry operates, making them a valuable resource for your business. They can advise and guide entertainment and media businesses through acquisitions, investments, joint ventures, and partnerships.

Early-Stage Company Representation

At HLG, our startup attorneys excel at representing early-stage companies bring their ideas to life and finding the necessary funding to grow. Our experience representing large publicly traded companies provides valuable insight for those early-stage transactions and allow us to put our clients on the path to success,

We help our early-stage clients will all their corporate law needs, such as:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Private placement memorandums (PPMs)
  • Real estate and equipment leases
  • Securities law issues and compliance
  • Stock option and other equity compensation plans
  • Strategic alliances, joint ventures, outsourcing
  • Commercial contracts and transactions of all types
  • Corporate governance and board matters
  • Employment matters
  • Intellectual property protection and commercialization

Guidance for Employment Matters

Whether you are a business executive or a company looking to hire executives, our employment lawyers have experience providing strategic counsel to advance your interests.

We’re adept at advising business executives throughout their relationship with employers, from the initial employment agreement to a potential separation agreement.

We also have extensive experience with employment litigation as well as preventative counseling. Our attorneys aim to ensure good employee relationships from the very beginning, helping to reduce conflict and limit liability for the business. We advise businesses on termination and separation issues, wage and hour issues, and other matters of concern and regularly prepare necessary employment agreements and compensation plans.

Representation for Finance and Lending Transactions

HLG represents both lenders and borrowers in financing and lending transactions, including:

  • Real estate lending
  • Acquisition finance
  • Senior and mezzanine debt
  • Venture capital lending
  • Factors and asset-based lending
  • We represent our clients throughout the entire process- from term sheet to closing. We also provide valuable business advice to best position our clients in the lending process.

    General Counsel Services

    Our small business attorneys are able to meet our client’s expectations and needs in an efficient and expeditious manner, and that means providing a wide variety of business law services. We have the capability to handle all of your company’s day-to-day legal matters, acting in a general counsel capacity. We can also take on discrete projects as needed. At the end of the day, we’re here to provide the level of service your business needs.

    Licensing Transactions

    Commercializing intellectual property assets is a crucial step for many businesses. Our attorneys are here to help advise on and structure technology sales and acquisitions as well as negotiate joint ventures, partnerships, and development alliances. We enable our clients to enhance, market, and monetize their intellectual property in a way that benefits their businesses.

    Protecting Intellectual Property

    Every business has intellectual property, and it’s important that your intellectual property be identified and protected. Our attorneys help your company get a competitive edge through your intellectual property.

    Our USP TO Patent Attorneys and Intellectual Property Attorneys are trained to identify your important innovations, protect those innovations, and then help you leverage them in the marketplace.

    We have experience handling the following intellectual property matters:

    • Patent eligibility opinions
    • Patentability search and opinions
    • Provisional and non-provisional patent application
    • Patent Office action responses
    • Petitions and appeals
    • Infringement opinions
    • Trademark registrability opinions
    • Trademark applications
    • Trademark Office action responses
    • Copyright applications and infringement opinions
    • Trade secret identification and misappropriation opinions

    Mergers & Acquisitions Representation

    We represent our clients through all phases of the M&A process. From letters of intent, due diligence, and drafting transaction documents, to the post-closing integration activities, our M&A attorneys will be there every step of the way. In addition, we tailor our representation to provide our clients with the most impactful guidance by focusing on the material legal and business risks present in the transaction.

    Real Estate Transactions

    At HLG, our real estate attorneys possess the experience, pragmatic approach, and creativity to bring numerous real estate deals to a successful close. We have represented residential and commercial developers, commercial landlords and tenants, and real estate investors in developing, buying, financing, selling, and leasing real estate, including raw land, office, and retail properties, hotel properties, and apartment buildings.

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    We provide the highest level of representation in addressing the legal and business challenges that our clients face. If your business in Orange County is looking for legal representation from a firm that is tailored for entrepreneurs, reach out to HLG to see how our attorneys can support your business. Call us at 310-993-2203 or fill out our contact us form here to speak to one of our business attorneys today.

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